Asphalt Slurries and Slurry Seals

Asphalt slurries or Slurry seals are suitable for predicting and correcting road problems and applying aesthetic treatments. Its main applications are to carry out treatments such as sealing and waterproofing aged pavement and improving the surface roughness of sliding pavements.

Asphalt slurries or Slurry Seal are mixtures manufactured at room temperature with bituminous emulsion, mineral aggregates, water, mineral-based fillers and eventual additives with adequate consistency to be used on site. These materials allow low-cost, high-yield treatments and are quick to use, as the treated route is immediately put into service.

This product has a relatively fluid consistency, allowing easy application on the floor surface. However, as it hardens, its cohesion and hardness increase, thus providing a surface resistant to the abrasive action of traffic.