At Soida, we focus on Science to build lasting solutions.

In 2018, the market for bitumen and asphalt derivatives in Angola became more diversified due to the creation of Soida.

And in 2022, safer road networks in Angola, by expanding Soida’s business area to the development and commercialization of road signs.


Asphalt Derivatives

As a result of its conscious growth plan, Soida is today the leader in the Angolan market in the production and sale of cold bituminous mixtures, emulsions, asphalt slurries and slurry seals.

With a production capacity of 120 thousand tons/year, Soida is prepared to respond to any province in the Angolan market.

The commitment to in-house production, with a production unit located in Luanda and a laboratory dedicated to research, demonstrates Soida’s commitment to its customers. It also ensures a quick and personalized response capacity to each request, maintaining the standard of innovation in techniques that ensure the quality of the products offered.

Soida has a wide range of storage equipment and a fleet prepared to supply materials for all works in the Angolan territory to guarantee quality.

In addition to all this commitment, Soida values ​​human capital by encouraging the training and retention of specialized staff in the areas of bitumen, asphalt derivatives and bituminous mixes.

All these factors give Soida a high degree of reputation and recognition.

Our Factory

Strategically located in the Province of Luanda, close to the expressway, our production unit is prepared to produce above 12 tons/hour, its capacity responds to more than 80% of the Angolan market’s needs in the fields of emulsions and modified bitumen.

The strategy was to win the market’s trust, ensured through an internal laboratory. It is possible to control quality throughout the production process and, consequently, a constant evaluation of the quality of the products.


Road Signs

Soida Road Signs, is focused on ensuring a safe road environment for all who use it.

For that we offer a complete range of road signs, produced under the highest quality standards and complying with internationally accepted norms.

Our commitment is to undertake and for this reason we are at the disposal of our customers to support them in the clarification of any need, project idea and even product development.

Our signage supports the implementation of a safe environment for all.


To become a reference in the Angolan market, supported by a product and service of differentiated quality.


Produce, transform and, supply bituminous emulsions and modified bitumen based on cold techniques of superior quality, as well as all road signs. Ensuring all specifications, technical and environmental requirements, establishing a privileged relationship with our partners and customers.


To value people; close relationship with the customer; better quality; respect, ethics, hygiene and safety at work.